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The Most Fascinating, Yet Treacherous Journey Can Be Made...

...in the depths of one's own mind.

The Psycho-Explorers
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this community is to post dreams, psychedelic experiences, philosophical questions, theories, anything you desire, from your mind. i guess one could say this is the community for thinkers. there already is a suicide support community so please don't post that baggage here. there are also plenty of "drug" communities for casual users, so it is preferred that any drug-related thoughts are explorations of your mind while you might have been under the influence...rather than a re-cap of a wreckless intoxicated night.

this was started with the plan to allow people to post interesting or just fucked up dreams, but dreams don't seem to be the only experiences or thoughts worth sharing. so feel free to post away. there are no restrictions and no requirements. as the creator and moderator of this community, i will, however, delete or ban members if they interfer with the input of others. keep it friendly, please :D

also, if anyone wishes to have their hobbies or interests posted, please e-mail me at the above address and i will add them so others in the community or those thinking of joining can get a jist as to what you (and we) are about.