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a dream [Feb. 27th, 2005|09:15 pm]
The Psycho-Explorers


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A dream.

I don’t understand it, but it’s like the third time I’ve had it. the scary thing is, I can never remember my dreams long enough to write them down, but I can remember every detail of this one…..it frieks me out.
It starts, and I’m in a forest. A dark dark forest with monster trees, and a perfectly cleared, straight trail right through the middle of the trees. There wasn’t any light at all, cause the trees made a dense canopy over the top of the path; and yet, the path was light, like light was coming from within it. I was on that path, running down it. Just running, running, not running away from anything, just running. Running forever down an endless path in an endless forest for an endless amount of time.
Presently there hoofbeats on the path behind me, and two horses pulled up alongside me, with no riders, no saddles and no reins. One was snow white, and the other jet black. The white horse let off a brilliant light, but it was a cold, unwelcoming light. The black horse let off darkness, of course, but it was inviting and friendly. The path was perfectly divided down the middle with light on one side and dark on the other. Then, weirdly enough, the horses merged together on that line, right through me, and then I was riding on a gray horse. It was transparent almost, like a shadow, and yet still solid, cause I could feel it beneath me. The horse was galloping, and we were going ever so much faster than just me running….but it felt so wrong. I couldn’t get off though, and we galloping forever it seemed till suddenly the forest ended. The trees just stopped, and in their place was darkness, pitch black, except on the path, which was still lit brightly. The horse kept flickering in and out, like one minute it would be white and the next it would be black. The white lit up the darkness, but it was so bright, it almost seemed angry or something. The black was dark, comforting almost. It kept blinking more n’ more till it was like a strobe light……and then I woke up.
It’s not a particulary scary dream, but I donno…it frieks me out. I always wake up from that feeling like I’m drunk or drugged or something like that, and it lasts for like half an hour like everything’s in a haze. I donno..it scares me.