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a dream...cuz i didn't wake up feeling like it was a nightmare - The Most Fascinating, Yet Treacherous Journey Can Be Made... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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a dream...cuz i didn't wake up feeling like it was a nightmare [Feb. 13th, 2005|11:38 am]
The Psycho-Explorers
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i was pregnant. i don't remember much because i've been doing some stuff since i woke up, but the dream was very vivid. i had to go on a vacation with my family and some other people (i don't know who the other people are), but it was as if they were my family, too. of course, i had to leave bryan for some time. the first thing i really remember is that i started to feel bloated and heavier than usual. sometimes i get this anyway, like when i've been eating too much for weeks at a time (ie CHRISTMAS BREAK). and then i realize that i have to start moving and eating healthier again and that's exactly what i thought in my dream. but even after much persistence, i only got worse. i shrugged it off and kept vacationing with my family until i heard my parents talking about me. they were talking about me being pregnant! how did they know before me? i wasn't even showing! but i guess i was due soon. in about a month. we must have been on vacation for a long time. so as soon as i found out i was pregnant, i started to have pains, but we were stuck in traffic. really bad traffic. so someone in the car started screaming and cars moved out of our way so we could get to this massive rest area (massive for a rest area) and we started desperately looking for university hospital. but we couldn't find it and i thought i saw the sign, but it turned out to be something else, which isn't surprising since lately my visions been a little blurry and dizzy. so i started screaming that i needed to have the baby right away and this male cop was leaning against a car, just staring. i started yelling at him and then i started yelling at my dad from a first person point of view. my dad looked scared and haha, it was funny because it looked like i was gonna shoot the baby out at him. that's what his expression looked like it was anticipating. suddenly, some black woman in a girl scout uniform shows up and we ask her if she knows how to deliver a baby. she says, "honey, i can deliver a baby in no more than a minute." so i really fucking lucked out (yet i think, how can you deliver a baby any faster than it's supposed to be delivered...) and she has me lie down on a blanket. but these are the details i don't remember. she keeps doing all this shit to prep me and i can suddenly see how it could only take a min to deliver because she was taking forever to prepare me. and meanwhile, i was holding the baby in like you would hold something in if you had to go to the bathroom. and the end of the deram was me, lying down with all the preparation done, waiting for the baby to come out. and it felt like i was waiting for 5 min or so until i finally just woke up and found myself lying on my back, which is a position i'm never in. i've never woken up in the position i was in in the dream when i don't like being in that position. huh. weird.

then i also remembered some superstituous mumbo jumbo that sara told me once after her dream about being pregnant. when you have one of those dreams, that means that (you) or someone you know is pregnant or has had a baby (and it was true in her case...twice. :$)